2013 Ideal Weight Calendar Journal and Planner: with a Calorie Cash(TM) Calorie Chart

Stay on track to maintaining or achieving your ideal weight. Many studies including the institute of Medicine report and the National Weight Control Registry database say that regular monitoring is the key to weight loss and weight maintenance. In industry where control charts are used there is a maxim that says: "You can't manage what you don't measure.." In weight loss and management this would be: You can't manage your weight if you do not measure your weight. The trouble is that most weight loss journals have no frame work. Let this 2013 Ideal Weight Calendar Journal and Planner be your framework for the next year. It is also suggested that you use this calendar as your regular planning calendar, so that as you plan your life, you also plan for your ideal weight. The biggest key to ideal weight is to not eat too many calories. (period) Get this book and deal with it. This weight loss calendar is one of your best investment deals when it comes to achieving and or maintaining your ideal weight. This calendar is not: Pictures of skinny people to motivate you. It is not a weight loss tip of the day. It is not a calendar with motivational sayings. There is nothing wrong with these tips and motivational sayings in a website or book format, but in a calendar it takes the focus off of what is really important; staying on track to eating fewer calendars is what is important. Secondly, exercise on a regular basis is what is important. Besides, a picture of a good looking person (guy in my case) first thing in the morning just makes me want to punch him, and a motivational saying when I wake up just makes me sick at my stomach. So what makes a good weight loss calendar? Here is what you will find in this calendar that is modeled after various quality control charts: A place to plan your weight as you plan your life. A place to easily record your weight and see your results whether good or bad. You have to own the problems. The results is in order (similar to a control chart) to see trends and take immediate action. A place to plan for problems. A place to plan your calories, calorie cash™, points, servings or whatever you use to count or limit calories. A place to journal and or use a diary so that you can record your own thoughts and use your own motivation. And yes a place to put good tips. When you write the motivation and tips, you own those thoughts. In the back of this planner you will find another weight loss tool. The calorie chart also gives calorie cash™. The calorie chart is in order with the lower calorie foods in front and the higher calorie foods in the back of the chart. For example all foods of approximately 0, 25, 50 and 75 calories are grouped together to make your food choices easier.

Used Book in Good Condition

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