The Song of Redeeming Love

Among the forty-two soul-searching questions the prophet Alma posed to the people of Zarahemla, he asked, "If ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" That question of introspection is as important for Latter-day Saints today as it was for the people in the Book of Mormon times. "A review or the teachings og the Book of Mormon prophets shows clearly that the song of redeeming love is intended not only to be their song bu also our song," writes Elder Spencer J. Condie in The Song Of Redeeming Love. Using vignettes "from the lives of individuals like you and me and like Alma and his wayward associates who learned to sing the song of redeeming love," Elder Condie illustrates that we must come to God empty to receive of His fulness and that we must hollow our lives before He can hallow them.

Happiness Sentiment Tribal Braided Black Leather Bracelet with Snap Closure

This is a soft braided black leather bracelet with the sentiment of "Happiness" engraved on the ID faceplate. It is adjustable to two sizes with the two snaps. This bracelet is similar to a tribal pendant that were originally worn to identify which tribe or people one belonged to. Over time, pendants and bracelets were formed to indicate traits such as strength, power, wisdom, hunter and so on. Not only was a bracelet and pendant worn to show these traits were possessed, but also that the wearer would gain those characteristics.

Braided black leather bracelet
Metal ID plate with sentiment of "Happiness"
Adjustable with two snap closure
Comfortable, soft feel
Fashionable, unisex design