Branching Processes in Biology (Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics)

This book introduces biological examples of Branching Processes from molecular and cellular biology as well as from the fields of human evolution and medicine and discusses them in the context of the relevant mathematics. It provides a useful introduction to how the modeling can be done and for what types of problems branching processes can be used.

The Black Is Waiting for the White: Mario Giacomelli Photographs

Black & White
In this ultimate volume, Mario Giacomelli’s most appreciated collection of landscapes, street scenes, still life, and portraits of everyday Italian life are combined with a unique and unseen new series.Mario Giacomelli (1925–2000) is one of the most well-known photographers. His work has won many international prizes and has been exposed all over the world. This book is a survey of Giacomelli’s work, showcasing more than 150 photographs. It is an astonishing collection of his masterpieces.