Lessons in Wine Service (Lessons from Charlie Trotter)

In the third book in the Lessons from Charlie Trotter series teaches wine directors and servers how to develop and maintain impeccable service by giving an in-depth look at one of the world’s top wine programs.At Charlie Trotter's eponymous restaurant in Chicago, the innovative and award-winning wine program is an essential part of an extraordinary dining experience
LESSONS IN WINE SERVICE outlines and analyzes the intricate challenges inherent in developing and executing consistently outstanding wine pairings and service
Aspiring sommeliers, restaurant owners, and wine servers will learn how to hire and train the right staff, provide precise and intuitive service, and craft and maintain a compelling wine list
"Anyone who wants to understand American cuisine as it enters the 21st century must eat at Charlie Trotter's No restaurant in America comes closer to delivering a flawless total dining experience." --Wine Spectator Used Book in Good Condition